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(along with her brother, Mickey)

UPDATE August 19, 2004:
Mickey and Minnie on their second birthday:
"Mickey and Minnie are wonderful companions.  Of course, they rule the house!"

Thought I would give you an update on the kids. They are doing fine.  Adjusting!  Believe it or not Minnie has been the more forward of the 2. She comes out, likes her back rubbed and purrs very loudly.  Mickey on the other hand just walks past rather quickly just to see what it happening.
They are up a lot during the night. Last night I had my toes bit a few times when I was asleep...that will teach me not to move with kitties in the house. They are eating very well and are just exploring about the house. I will keep you posted on their progress.

Mickey and Minnie are two lucky 4-month-old kittens.  They were born in an open garage to a feral mom around August 7, 2002.  The person who feeds the feral colony, traps, neuters and releases the cats, but was never able trap their mother.  Although all of the males in the colony are neutered, the mom cat made an effort to go elsewhere to find a suitor.  So she had yet another litter, destined to live the rough life of feral cats, freezing in the winter, going without food and water, being exposed to disease, predators and unscrupulous humans.  They would surely die tragically at a very young age.  But the caretaker befriended Mickey and Minnie early on.  She would bring cat toys and sit and play with them, hold them and talk to them.  They were never elusive or shy like the other ferals because they had this human socialization from early on.   As soon as there was space, they were brought to our foster home.  Of course they were nervous at first.  They had never been inside a house before.  They sat in their cage with scared looks on their little faces.  Basically, they reacted no differently then any cat first coming into foster care.  But it only took them 24 hours to erase the looks of horror from their eyes and trust their new foster mom.  They soon realized they were clean, warm and dry and had an endless supply of food and water.  Both kittens are very affectionate and playful.  Minnie has a little squeaky meow that sounds like a little “peep”.  She loves to be held and always welcomes being touched.  She seeks people out to rub against their legs, hinting for attention.  Mickey loves full body massages and when a hand rubs down his back, he will lock his tail up over the hand in an attempt to keep it there!   He adores his furry toys and will carry them around in his mouth.  Mickey and Minnie are up to date on shots, dewormed, treated for ear mites, flea free, FIV/FeLV negative, and will be spayed and neutered on January 3, 2003.