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Barry is one of those cats who will just come into you house and make himself at home like he has lived there all his life.  He is a big lovable mush and isn't freaked out by anything.  Barry had been found as a stray and taken to our veterinarian's office.  There is was found that he had a urinary blockage.  The staff reports that with all of the things they had to do to him, he was always completely cooperative and never complained.  He was all fixed up and now just needs to stay on special food to prevent the blockage from happening again.  But he is worth the little bit of extra effort.  He's a total lovebug and is ready to become some lucky person's devoted companion.  Barry is about 2-3 years old and he is fine with dogs and other cats.  He's fine with just about everything.  However, because of his special diet, he would only be able to go to a multi-cat home where all of the cats eat Hill's Prescription Diet C/D.