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(and now lives with former adoptee, Bettina!)

Melanie isn't winking in her picture.  She was born with an eye missing.  But, shhhhh, don't tell her.  She doesn't know.  It does not hold her back at all.  She can expertly fling a toy mouse around and never loses track of it where cats with both eyes keep losing that darned mouse.  Maybe Melanie was shorted an eye but Mother Nature gave her something in exchange - plenty of extra affection genes.  She is one of the sweetest kitties you will ever meet.  She makes herself right at home in new situations and takes to new people instantly.  But sadly, people never saw this in her while she sat in a shelter cage for the entire 4 months her life.  She watched her siblings get adopted but people never gave her a second thought because of her eye.  It is truly their loss because they missed out on one phenomenal little girl.  Now Melanie is in a foster home where she will have the opportunity to show people her stunning purrsonality.  They will see that beauty is only skin deep and that it's one's personality that is most important.  But there is a bonus here - Melanie IS beautiful, too!