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A little bit of lab, a little bit of shepherd, a little bit of this and a little bit of that equals one brown 38 pound dog.  Lucas is about one year old and is a very sweet, affectionate, playful and submissive dog.  He is content to lay his head in your lap and get belly rubs.  Lucas is  timid of new things but once he comprehends them, he is fine.  And it seems like everything most dogs take for granted is new to him.  We cannot even imagine how he lived his life.  It must have been a very sheltered existence because he is experiencing lots of things for the first time since he came into foster care.  For example, he thought he was going to be skinned alive when water first hit him in the bathtub.  So we immediately sudsed him up and gave him the massage we knew he'd love.  Sure enough, after that the water was no big deal and he even sat perfectly still to have his face washed.  Lucas also did not know how to climb stairs.  He wanted to, but he did not know how.  It was very sad to watch him.  But he just stood back and observed how the other dogs were doing it and withing 15 minutes, he had conquered those steps!  When Lucas was first given a toy, he pranced around with it, head held high, as though he were showing off a great prize he had just won.  He did not want to put it down but then realized there were many more toys where that one came from and he had to test out every single one of them.  Lucas' reaction to something that frightens him is to lay down flat on his belly and not move.  He does this when a leash is put on him.  But this isn't a big deal.  It is easily fixable.  We have done it before and will do it again.  Soon Lucas will realize that the leash means fun things are going to happen.