We don't generally have puppies available because they are so much work but even us seasoned foster moms sometimes buckle when an adorable puppy comes our way. We were at the shelter selecting dogs to bring into foster care when we saw Darla, tied to the outside of a cage. She was sitting so quietly and behaving so nicely. (But we don't do puppies, remember?) Then a while later we walked outside and one of the kennel workers was coming towards us with Darla on a leash, walking with a huge stick in her mouth - a treasure she had found while on her walk. It was too adorable for words. How could we not take her? But remember - Darla is about 3 months old. She is not house trained, she does not know not to chew on human hands and arms, she knows no commands. She needs to be taught all of these things. Are you up to the challenge? Can you remember that puppy behaviors that seem cute now need to be corrected now so that she grows into a responsible, well-mannered adult dog? She is sweet and adorable but remember, it's like having a baby.