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Drew is a brown, 30 pound, mutt. It's very hard to tell what he could have in him - probably a little bit of a lot of breeds. But regardless of Drew's heritage, what matters is that is he is an absolute sweetheart who is so grateful to have been rescued from the shelter and taken to a foster home. Drew had spent a month at the shelter after having been picked up as a stray. Once in his foster home he enjoyed a bath (really, he did enjoy it) and a trip to the vet's office. Yes, you read correctly, Drew ENJOYED the vet! The vet got kisses for examining him, for giving him shots and for drawing blood. What a happy customer! Drew is 10-12 months old. He is a devoted lap snuggler.

Drew was adopted recently but was returned through no fault of his own. In fact, the family is happy to give him a glowing recommendation. The problem is that never having had a dog before, after months of family discussions and agreeing they were ready for a dog, they found that caring for a dog simply did not fit into their lifestyle. If you have never had a dog and think you are ready, please consider carefully the time commitment involved. You WILL have to modify your schedule to accommodate any dog!