Tory is an absolute sweetheart. She doesn't care if she knows you or not, if you pet her, she snuggles right into your lap and purrs contentedly. Even in high stress situations, such as being at the vet's office, Tory was happy to snuggle in her foster mom's lap, rest her chin on an arm, and purr. Tory shows signs of having had a very rough life, even though she must have lived with someone at one time since she would never have survived as long as she had on the streets or be anywhere near as friendly as she is. She came to us flea-infested and with a sparse coat, a result of scratching her fur out from the fleabites. She was immediately relieved of her unwelcome guests but unfortunately had to spend 24 hours in a carrier in a garage to allow sufficient time for all of her hangers-on to "depart". She tolerated it very well. Heck, it was better than fending for herself in the cold, pouring rain. Then she was allowed to come into her foster home, for which she was very grateful. She has an excellent appetite and eats with gusto. She especially loves Fancy Feast and the water from a can of tuna and doesn't mind at all when we sneak her daily vitamins into her food. There is evidence of Tory having met with foul play due to several damaged teeth she and her chopped off tail. Amazing how an animal can endure so much, yet remain so loving towards people. This is a cat who will be eternally grateful, and never take for granted, living in a forever home where she is loved. She also has some very unique and endearing qualities. There is a high-pitched tone in her purr that almost makes it sound like she is singing. And when she is receiving the attention she so enjoys, her little stub tail goes straight up in the air and quivers. Tory tested negative for Feline AIDS and leukemia, is up to date on shots and has been spayed. Tory is estimated to be 5-7 years old. She gets along very well with other cats and does not mind gentle dogs. Tory 's teeth have been fixed by a veterinary dental surgeon and she is now pain-free. Her gorgeous, sleek coat has fully grown in and she has put on weight and filled out to a nice 8 pounds.