Update February, 2004
Arnie's "Mom" reports that Arnie has settled in very nicely except there is one problem.  She adopted Arnie to be her personal buddy but when her husband sits down, Arnie leaves her lap and goes straight to her husband's lap, and STAYS there!  As we can see by the pictures below, Arnie looks very happy in his new home!

Arnie's Story:
When the staff arrived at the veterinary hospital one morning, they discovered a beaten up old cat carrier outside the back door.  Thinking it was an old carrier for the garbage, they picked it up with the intention of heading towards the dumpster.  However, they immediately noticed the carrier was not empty - Arnie was inside!  A shameless person had dumped Arnie there in the middle of the night.  And it did not look like the carrier had been placed there gently, it looked like it had been thrown.   Arnie was terrified.  Indeed, we now find that Arnie is not afraid to go into a cat carrier but when lifted by the handle where the carrier starts to sway, he will spin in circles in sheer panic.  If we hold the carrier in our arms to where it doesn't sway, he settles down.  He is just scared to death of being thrown and tumbling around inside the carrier again.   Arnie gets along very well with other cats and has been great with cat friendly dogs.  He is a very gentle and sweet little boy, and will immediately leap into a lap, whether it is already being occupied by another cat or not. He will just pile himself right on top.  Arnie is very open to the various methods of lap lounging.  His favorite would be to be covered with a little blanket  while he is in a lap or even better, to completely get under a blanket along with the human!  So Arnie just has two requests for his future home:  someone who doesn't mind him hanging out in their lap - it's his favorite place to be - and someone who will be gentle with the carrier when he has to go somewhere.  Arnie is about 1 year old.