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At 10-12 months of age, Tyler won't get much bigger than his current 40 pounds. He just needs to fill out a little. He isn't brown like he looks in the picture, rather a very pretty reddish rust color. Tyler sat in a shelter for 6 weeks before we found him. His previous owners had surrendered him to the shelter when they moved and the landlord said they could not keep him. Tyler is a very sweet and loving boy who gives kisses and will fall asleep while having his belly rubbed. He likes other dogs and gets along well with them. He also likes cats, although his butt in the air, "let's play" stance, is not always well received by the kitties. He will leave them alone when told to. In fact, he responds very well to voice corrections. A simple "HEY" will stop him dead in his tracks and send him running back with his tail wagging. OK, to be quite honest, it is not just his tail that wags. Everything from his shoulders back wags when he is happy. He literally throws his whole body into expressions of joy. Tyler's previous owners claimed he is housetrained and early indications seem to verify that he is.