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Clarissa is quite a character.  We always expect that cats will need adjustment time in a new environment and quite often they are very subdued and scared the first few days, if not longer.  The day we took Clarissa from the shelter and brought her to a foster home, she was put into a much larger cage than what she had at the shelter.  This is to help cats acclimate to a new environment without overwhelming them with too much space all at one time, in addition to isolating them to be sure they are free of illnesses.  Within an hour we heard clanging and banging coming from Clarissa's cage.  Upon investigation, we found that she was flinging her toy mouse around.  Very impressive that she was not at all concerned that she was in unfamiliar territory.  She seemed so attached to her mouse that we took it along on our trip to the vet.  Sure enough, Clarissa sat in her carrier at the vet's office, flinging her mouse around, completely unconcerned that she was again being placed in an otherwise stressful situation.  She is an extremely affectionate cat and will leave her mouse to receive human attention, sit on a lap, and purr with pure joy.  Clarissa is about 1 year old.   She comes eagerly when called, every single time.  Clarissa has now been introduced to the other cats in the home and the introductions went very smoothly.  She seems to enjoy the company of other cats.  She has gotten used to 3 dogs all at one time and knows how to maneuver around them and retreat when they get a little too frisky with her.  Clarissa will be professionally groomed and spayed prior to adoption.  She does require regular combing to keep her coat free of mats but she loves to be combed so it is a very easy chore.