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Isaac wasn't wishing for a Happy New Year. Isaac had no idea there was such a thing when we found him at the shelter on New Year's Eve. He had been at the shelter for 3 weeks after having been found as a stray. He was emaciated, weighing only 45 pounds instead of the 55 pounds he should weigh. Every bone protruded from his body. He was also curled in a tight ball on the cold, damp, dirty concrete floor, so ill with kennel cough that he was barely able to lift his head. With as sick as Isaac was, there was no way to determine his temperament but we just had to take a chance on him and get him out of the shelter and into a foster home. Isaac rang in the New Year, freshly bathed, on a clean, warm and soft dog bed, sound asleep with his head on his foster mom's lap, a vaporizer cranking out steam to unclog his stuffy nose. That was a Happy New Year for Isaac.

Isaac is now feeling much better and is on antibiotics. It turns out that he is a very good dog and is an extremely sweet boy. We are so glad that we took a chance on him. He is very affectionate and will put his head in his foster mom's lap to have his neck scratched. He rolls over for belly rubs and has started playing with tennis balls. Isaac is house trained, likes other dogs and is good with cats.  Isaac is about 2 years old so he has outgrown puppyhood and appears to be trustworthy in the house. In fact, his foster home experienced a partial power outage and with extension cords running from room to room, Isaac never made a move to touch them.

Isaac after 10 days in foster care - his illness completely cleared up, weighing in at 51 pounds and feeling great!