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Nugget will remain in her foster home where she is happy living with the other cats who would also rather have minimal human attention.

Nugget has no physical special needs, however, she does have emotional special needs.  Her previous owner had surrendered her to the shelter at about 6 months of age, labeled aggressive and not good with children.  Nugget has no aggression in her whatsoever.  We can only surmise that the children did not handle Nugget appropriately and she most likely struggling to get away.  She has never lashed out for any reason whatsoever either while in foster care or at the vet's office having blood drawn and getting shots.  We have never known her to hiss or growl for any reason whatsoever.  She does not bite or scratch.  Because she had been wrongly labeled aggressive, she was doomed to sitting in a small cage at the shelter until the end, not being a likely candidate for adoption.  Nugget is now 1 year old.

When Nugget first came out of the shelter and into foster care, she was a very sweet and affectionate cat who loved being held on her foster mom's lap.  She was afraid of being carried around and would stiffen up (see note on mishandling by children above) but with being held properly and gently, she soon realized nobody was going to drop her or hold her in a way that would be painful.  Once Nugget was past her isolation period, she was integrated with the other cats in the foster home.  Nugget was first put in a large cage in order to meet the other cats safely.  It was apparent within the first day that everyone was going to get along so her cage door was opened and she was free to roam.   Once Nugget experienced freedom, she started to become increasing distant from her foster mom.  In her mind, humans were no longer necessary.  She started preferring the company of other cats.  Nugget apparently had a bad start in life, in a home where she was not treated properly.  Then she sat in a shelter cage for the second half of her life.  Nugget needs a home with someone willing to taking on the project of working with her one-on-one to turn her back into the trusting cat we know she can be, or a multiple cat home as a companion for other cats, where it would not be important how interactive Nugget is with people.