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(and now lives with former adoptee, Shane!)

Stanley's Story:
"Higher, higher..."                      "A little lower..."                          "Ahhhh!  That's the spot!"

Stanley's hide was saved in the nick of time.  A former adopter had seen Stanley at a shelter while she was searching for a cat.  She decided on adopting our cat but she kept tabs on Stanley because she had liked him so much.  A week later she found out he was scheduled for euthanasia since he had been at the shelter for 3 months and she asked for our help in saving him.  Through a flurry of e-mails we found that the shelter volunteers had begged for a stay of execution for Stanley and there was still time to get him.  So the next day we were at the shelter to meet Stanley and found him to be a very sweet and personable guy.  A  very sweet and personable guy who was sneezing!  He had succumbed to shelter cooties.  No big deal, most cats do get an upper respiratory infection while in the shelter.  But by the following day, a Sunday, Stanley's head was so stopped up that he could not eat and breathe at the same time.  Not wanting to wait until Monday to get him to the vet, we felt it warranted a visit to an emergency clinic, so off we went in the sleet and snow to get Stanley some relief.  The vet loved Stanley - all he wanted to do was give her hugs and sneeze in her face.  Stanley has now completely recovered from his cold and has been neutered.

Stanley is one of those rare cats who is not afraid of anything.  Strange places and strange people make for a new adventure to be fully investigated.  Stanley is comfortable no matter where you put him and new humans mean new opportunities for attention and affection.  Stanley follows his foster mom around like a little puppy.  Speaking of dogs, Stanley is totally cool with them.  The dogs in the foster home did not quite know what to make of Stanley.  What is with this new cat who shows no fear of strange dogs?  How dare he come right up to them and rub his affection all over them?  Should he not run in sheer terror and hide?  No, not Stanley.  Stanley is also quite the player.  He'll stand on his hind legs waiting for his furry mouse to be tossed, then pounce on it, bat it around and carry it in his mouth. Stanley is about 1 year old and weighs 10.5 pounds.