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Sheila is a beautiful purebred German Shepherd Dog and she is about as sweet as they come.  She loves everyone and likes to be close to people.  She leans, she gives lots of kisses and, as this is being typed, she is sleeping on her foster mom's feet.  (She actually makes a great foot warmer in this cold weather!)  Sheila had been found as a stray and was taken to a shelter where we saw her.  She was just sitting in her run looking at us with the most pleading expression in her eyes and would then squeeze herself against the bars so we could pet her.  She was sending us a very clear message that she would really like to get out of that shelter.  We could not ignore that and had to check her out.  So, having passed our evaluation with flying colors, Sheila came with us to a foster home.  We later discovered that she had also been evaluated by Garden State German Shepherd Rescue while at the shelter and easily passed their tests.  Sheila loves toys, is very playful and can entertain herself but also loves fetching tennis balls.  She is about 1 1/2  - 2 years old and weighed 61 pounds when she first came to us.  Sheila is very thin and should probably weigh in the low to mid 70's.  During the first week in foster care, she gained 5 pounds.  She is house trained and crate trained.  Sheila  completely limits her chewing to dog approved items and does not get on the furniture.