Marly is about 1 - 1 1/2 years old. She is a smallish lab mix weighing in at only 39 pounds. She found herself at a shelter after having been picked up as a stray . She was never claimed but somebody taught her how to sit because she knows the command well. She also knows what a doggie bed is and she knows how to use it! Marly is a very affectionate and interactive dog. She is more than happy to curl up and go to sleep in a lap if there is a person sitting on the floor. She greets everyone she meets with tail wags and kisses. When dogs are first brought out of the shelter and into one of our foster homes, they are allowed to run around the yard before their baths. And run Marly did! We were in the midst of a March snow storm and she galloped through the snow with joy, a huge grin on her face, having the opportunity to at long last stretch her legs after having been confined to a shelter cage for several weeks. Marly is a tennis ball fanatic and will fetch and return as long as there is someone willing to throw the ball. She is also capable of acrobatic leaps in her attempts to catch balls in mid-air. Marly is excellent around cats. She does not become overly excited at the sight of them and if they indicate they don't appreciate her inspections, she respectfully retreats to go on to something else. Marly likes other dogs, also. She will be spayed prior to adoption.