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Update - July 21, 2004
Gulliver and Gweneviere stop by their foster home for a visit.  They have doubled in size since they were adopted!

Gulliver and Gweneviere's Story:
These little babies came to be in a unique sort of way.  On April 19, 2004, their mother, a feral cat, sat in a trap, waiting to be spayed at a spay/neuter clinic.  She was the last to go in for surgery, around 5 pm.  The vet opened her up to find that not only was she pregnant, but she was in the process of delivering the kittens!  There were only 3 kittens so it had not been obvious that she was expecting.  They were delivered by Cesearean section.  The kittens, under anesthesia like their mother, needed to be rubbed and shaken to be revived and start breathing.  Volunteers worked on them furiously until finally 2 of the 3  kittens started to wake up and breathe on their own.  The 3rd kitten, sadly, never started to breathe.  Mom cat and kittens were taken to a foster home.  As mom cat started to come out of anesthesia, the kittens were put back with her but understandably, she could not figure out where the heck they came from.  After all, she had not given birth, she was still groggy from surgery, and spaying had depleted her of mothering hormones.  She wanted nothing to do with those "aliens".  So after a few days of recuperation, mom cat was reunited with her feral colony and the babies thrived on being bottle fed.

The babies' mom just prior to her returning to her colony:  (As you can see, she was not happy being in a foster home - she wanted to go back from where she came.)

Gulliver (striped boy) and Gweneviere (black girl) at birth on April 19, 2004, weighing 4 ounces each:

Gulliver and Gweneviere at 1 week old, doubled in size, weighing almost 8 ounces each:

Gulliver and Gweneviere at 2 weeks of age.  Their eyes are open and they are starting to scoot around pretty quickly:
Three weeks old:
Four weeks old:  (Somebody used the litter box for the first time and they are starting to play together.)
Five weeks old:  (Starting to eat canned kitten food and venturing out to explore.)

Six weeks old:
Seven weeks old - can't walk past a pair of shoes without unlacing them!