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Dottie is an adorable little dog. We found her sitting in the shelter where she had been surrendered when her owner, who is in poor health, could no longer care for her. Dottie spent 3 weeks in the shelter and it looks as though she didn't eat much while there. She was most likely in a run with more dominant dogs that didn't let her near the food. She currently weighs 27 pounds and is very underweight. Her normal weight should be around 40 pounds. She has a great appetite and now that she is guaranteed full meals in her foster home, she should gain her weight back quickly. We were able to contact Dottie's previous owner and obtained very useful information on her background. They had Dottie since birth and owned her mother who was a purebred Boston Terrier. Dottie's father was the neighbor's Dalmatian mix. (After that little "accident", all pets were spayed and neutered to prevent that from happening again.) Dottie's birthday is August 13, 1999, so she just turned 5 years old. Dottie grew up with children.  Dottie does tricks like walking on her hind legs and doing ballerina twirls on her hind legs for a treat. She is absolutely awesome in the car. Before the key is in the ignition, she finds herself a spot in the back seat and does not budge until the destination has been reached. Dottie's previous owner stated that if it weren't for her to physically not be able to care for Dottie, there is no way she would have given her up, that she is a very well behaved dog and a total joy. While on the phone with the previous owner, one of the children asked their mother who she was talking to. She explained that she was talking to a lady from a rescue group who took Dottie out of the shelter and is keeping her in her home until she is adopted. The child very sweetly said, "Please tell her I said thank you." It's so heartbreaking and a tragic situation for all. Dottie is spayed, housetrained, up to date on shots and has been microchipped.