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UPDATE December 9, 2004:
Everything here is great. Bethany is wonderful, her and Arnold have become such great friends.  I'm so happy she will be with her new family for Christmas :) I'm spoiling them sooo much since it's Arnolds first too!

We were at the shelter to get a dog to bring into foster care, and had no intention of taking another cat. But while at the front desk signing the dogs out, Bethany caught our eye. Some people were looking at the cat in the cage next to her and that had Bethany's full attention. She watched intently, trying to figure out how to get them to pay attention to her. She started rolling over, showing her belly, rubbing against the bars, looking just a cute as she possibly could. But they did not notice her. Well, we sure did and liked what we saw. This was one friendly and adorable cat! There was no question we had to take Bethany and just somehow make some room for her in a foster home. We obtained a cardboard carrier from the shelter and packed her up. We never did like those darned cardboard carriers and recommend people never use them, but in a pinch we had no choice. So we loaded Bethany into the back seat of the car and the dog sat next to her carrier. About half way home, we looked in the back seat to find Bethany sitting right next to the dog! We quickly rolled up the front windows and went into panic mode, suddenly realizing Bethany was fine and there was no reason to panic. The volunteer in the passenger seat called Bethany and Bethany climbed over the back of the seat right into the volunteers lap, sat there purring and enjoying the rest of the ride. Turns out Bethany had eaten a hole in the side of the cardboard carrier and escaped. She just didn't like not being able to see what was going on. In a regular cat carrier, she is perfectly fine and has no desire to escape. Bethany is about 8 months old and will be spayed prior to adoption.
 Bethany poses for a professional portrait.