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Cassie is about 1 year old and is currently underweight at 27 pounds. Her normal weight should be about 35 pounds. Cassie was sitting in a shelter where she ended up after having been picked up as a stray. There were so many other dogs there that looked just like her, same size and coloring, that we knew there would be no way they would all get homes and felt compelled to take one of them. Cassie's personality caught our attention so she is the one we picked. She is very sweet and seems to like everyone. She loves to play ball and can actually play all by herself. She carries the tennis ball around in her mouth, flings it in the air and chases after it, over and over again. Cassie also likes being in a crate. Whenever we lose track of her and have to go see what she is up to, we find her sleeping in the open crate. As is the case with most dogs, Cassie will chase cats that run but she means them no harm. Cassie gets along well with other dogs and rides well in the car. She will be spayed prior to adoption.