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Chubby (formerly Emily) had been adopted on March 6, 2001.  After 3 1/2 great years in a wonderful home, Chubby went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 1, 2004.

We lost our beloved Chubby (Emily 2001) late Monday nite.  To say we are devastated is an understatement.  She hadn't been her happy and hungry self for about two weeks.  I took her to the vet and indeed she had a fever of about 104.  She was immediately put on antibiotics and the vet noticed a slight heart murmur which he hadn't heard before.  Chubby had been sleeping so much and we all had hoped the meds would help her but she just deteriorated rapidly.  I only waited a few days before contacting the vet and I had scheduled to bring her in this morning for more tests.  But it was not to be.  On Monday evening she began to cry for me, but not cries of pain, she just wanted me with her.  I had thought of bringing her in to the emergency clinic in West Caldwell but I remembered how she was so unhappy being caged so I made the decision that she would be in her own comfortable home surrounded by her family.  I made her as comfortable as I could, her favorite blanket and comforter, and me holding her and talking to her softly telling her how much we loved her and that it was ok to go, we would be ok.  I swear she understood me and whenever I got up from the floor she would cry for me.  She vomited up every last bit of medicine and nutri-cal that her little body had.  I held her head and told her it was ok.  Finally, when she was completely comfortable she began to snore, and her little legs stiffened and she was gone.  I know it may sound a little sick but I didn't let go of her until about 3:30 this morning when I told my brother she was gone.   Sonia was so wonderful, she stayed with her doggie sister till the very end, licking her face and cuddling up to her.  She is very sad, she really loved Chubby - but then again who didn't.  My dear neighbors who are also very dear friends cried like babies,  everyone just adored her.  I haven't yet told the little neighborhood kids yet and I'm not quite sure how but I will.
Chubby had a huge yard and deck to lay and roll around in, so many walks and park visits that I have lost count, people with her 24-7, children, adults, and other doggies who loved her to pieces and of course plenty of fresh water and good, really good food.  She will be so missed and although I knew that adopting an older dog would mean that my heart would probably break sooner it doesn't matter.  She was amazing and I am so happy and grateful that you allowed me to be her "Mom".
As a family, we have already decided that we will indeed adopt another older dog, that would be the greatest tribute to Chubby so please keep us in mind.
My late sister's birthday was Nov 1st, all Saints day, and I already know she met Chubby at the bridge and will introduce her to the doggie siblings that she never got to meet.  I'm so sorry that I had to give you sad news, but for all the love, joy and laughter she gave me I just had to share it.  Imagine, she never ever had a bad day and not once did she complain or growl, never ever!!
Her first night here she slept in my bed with me and her last night I slept on the floor with her.  She is in my heart forever and I will be sending a donation in her memory to you - the best tribute to an old stray dog is to help another.
God bless you and again, thank you for allowing me the honor of being part of Chubby's family.