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Brie (formerly Brielle) was the very first dog adopted on September 20, 2000, just days after Companion Critters, Inc. went into operation.  When Brie came to us, it was obvious she had been neglected for many years.  But once adopted, "neglect" was a word she no longer knew.  Her last 4 years were without a doubt the best years of her life.  Brie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, October 28, 2004.

I thought I'd better drop you a line to let you know about Brie.  She hasn't been feeling well for a while and yesterday she was diagnosed with a mass in her intestine and one that spread to her spleen.  The poor little thing has such a hard time seeing, hearing and getting around now.  I don't have the heart to subject her to operations.  And the prognosis wouldn't be good.

We are having an  All-Brie week here. This means trying to do her favorite things.  Today was visiting the "Grandma & Grandpa" and getting spoiled.  She did wonderfully on the car ride in her sherpa bag. It seemed to put her at ease being in her bag. She tires easily and nibbled a few crackers, then snoozed at my parents house.

Tomorrow is DUV-ing at the dog park. Nothing strenuous. Just a little wagon ride to the picnic area. Some time in the warm sun on a blankie, and a drink of cool water which seems to be her favorite thing now. And sitting by mommy. She is more secure and less stressed when she smells mommy near her -- even at home.

Most of all we will just be spending at lot of time together at home. Kinda like we normally do.

                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brie went on her last journey on Thursday. I meant to keep her until Friday, but it seemed selfish of me to do that.  She had a splendid day. It was warmish and sunny and she snorkled around the back yard. She couldn't keep her breakfast down, but she was getting around okay and didn't seem too upset.  I figured, what the heck, and gave her one of her favorite things.. Wonder Bread. She chomped down two whole pieces and it stayed in her tummy. :-)  I feel better knowing that her last day wasn't a bad one.

In the late afternoon we took the car ride to the vet. It was hard, but at least she didn't have to go alone.

Things are moving slow here and there's always going to be a space in my heart for Brie.
Paws prints on the heart never go away.