An Update From Toby (November 8, 2004)

Oh my goodness!  I was going to wait until the weekend to tell you about my new family but I decided I would tell you tonight – and since you e-mailed the big guy I figured I’d tell you now.  I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY!  When we got to my new home and I saw my new yard I was so excited.  Not that I didn’t like your yard, but the new one is about six times bigger – I love it.  I can run all the way around the house, which I did many times on Friday night because I was so excited.  After I had a lot of fun in the yard we just hung out and got to know each other.  We all spent a lot of time on the floor together and I really enjoyed lying with my head in my new Dad’s lap.  Christian (the older boy) said, “Boy Dad, you can sure tell he thinks you’re the Alpha Male” but it’s really just because I like him so much.  I show him how smart I am by listening to him.  I slept with Christian on Friday night.   

On Saturday, I was outside for most of the day.  Jordan (the younger boy) had two of his friends over and we spent much of the day chasing each other with a football – well, they mostly chased me because I kept the ball in my mouth and had so much fun teasing them and running away.  At my new home is there is a big field across the street with woods and a river beyond that.  We went for a number of walks in the field and down the woods.  They won’t let me go in the river though.  On Saturday night I was exhausted.  I slept with Jordan on Saturday night.

On Sunday the big guy wasn’t felling well so they didn’t go to church, which was okay with me because I wanted them to stay home anyway.  We all had fun playing and hanging out together and on Sunday evening my new mom came home from the Adirondacks.  She, of course loved me the moment she saw me – how could she not?  We spent the evening on the floor again, for the most part.  They won’t let me up on the furniture – not even if I just put my paws up on them when they are sitting on the couch.  So when I want some attention they come down on the floor with me, which I think is great.    

Say hi to the guys for me.  Thanks for taking such good care of me for the last month.  I’ll e-mail you again at the end of the week to let you know how I am.

Toby's Story:

Toby is a 1 1/2 year old, small to medium, 27 pound, standard American Eskimo Dog. He can really get into playing with his toys. He seems to especially like playing with Kongs (although any toy will do) and loves the way they wobble around making chasing them more challenging. He can entertain himself endlessly with his toys and is very amusing to watch. Toby gets along well with other dogs. He's not an interactive player with dogs but is content to hang out with them. Toby has gotten to know the cats and has been pretty good with them. For the most part he will ingore them although it is not beneath him to give them a good chase. When he is reprimanded for chasing the kitties he stops and is very remorseful. Toby is very friendly and affectionate, loves to snuggle, give kisses and get belly rubs. He isn't aloof towards strangers like Eskies can usually be. He is more than happy to meet and greet anyone and if he gets a belly rub out of the deal, all the better. Toby does well when crated. He is housetrained and has had no accidents in his foster home. He is not destructive (knows the difference between what is his and what isn't his) and has proven trustworthy when left home alone uncrated.