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Benji began showing signs of unprovoked aggression, unrelated to pain in his hip and we therefore had to make the difficult decision to have him humanely euthanized.

In honor of November being "Adopt-a-Senior-Pet" month, we present Benji, an 8ish year old beagle boy. Benji ended up in the shelter after having been picked up as a stray. Nobody ever came looking for him so he slept on the cold concrete shelter floor for two months before ending up in one of our foster homes where he gladly sleeps on soft, fluffy comforters or one of the dog beds. It warms our hearts to see how grateful he is to have something so simple. Benji came to us unneutered, with dirty teeth and favoring one of his hind legs. When Benji was neutered it was found that he had an atrophied testicle, a result of having suffered frostbite at some point in his life. His leg and hip were x-rayed. He had suffered some sort of trauma which caused the femur head to separate from the socket and arthritis had developed. Fortunately, femoral head excision surgery, which is the same surgery used for hip dysplasia, will fix Benji up so he can live the rest of his life pain free. We will be arranging for Benji to have surgery.  Yes, Benji is a very lucky senior. Not only will his health be restored, but has a home waiting for him. He will fit in nicely with his new family where he will have a grandpa to dote on him and another older dog. Sadly, many seniors will be not so lucky . They are still in the shelters sleeping on cold concrete floors.