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Muffy and Moby had been found in an industrial area on May 18 at the age of about 6 weeks old. Both kittens were very friendly which leads us to believe that they were not born outdoors as ferals. We feel they were most likely dumped as it is obvious they have had early human interaction. The minute the kittens were put into a crate with a litter box, they ran for the litter box and used it accordingly. They had to go badly!

When Muffy and Moby first came into their foster home, they were somewhat grimy from outdoor living. They both had baths, blow dry, nail trims and ear cleanings. What well-behaved makeover kitties! They both cooperated fully, never tried to get away, and not a peep out of either. The payoff is nice, fluffy, clean kitties!

Muffy and Moby will be spayed and neutered on June 18. At that time, they will be approximately 10 weeks old, an optimal age for going to a new home. In the meantime, we will gladly accept applications for adoption.