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(along with her brother, Cody)

Chloe's Story:




Cody and Chloe  were discarded in somebody's front yard in a cardboard box. Animal control picked the kittens up. We happened to be working a spay/neuter clinic at that shelter when the kittens were brought in. The shelter staff did not know what to do because the kittens were only 4 weeks old and needed supplementing with formula. That is something that shelters, especially small ones, just aren't set up to do. So Chloe and Cody came into one of our foster homes where they were immediately bathed and ridded of fleas. They were also starving. Underneath the long hair every bone could be felt. Not having any bottles or formula on hand when the kittens came to the shelter, we offered a can of cat food to tide them over. They didn't quite know what to do with it but they did know it was food and after frantically wallowing in it for a bit, they figured out how to get it into their mouths and chowed down. (All the more reason for needing a bath when they got to their foster home!)

Cody and Chloe will be spayed and neutered on August 27 and will be available for adoption after that time. They will then be about 10 weeks old, have had 2 kitten shots, and will be the ideal age for moving on to permanent homes. We will be accepting applications for adoption in the meantime.