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You may find Audrey's post-surgical picture below disturbing.  If your dog is not spayed, it is important you see it.  Odds are your dog may eventually need to endure the same type of surgery.  This is completely preventable by having your dog spayed before her first heat.  Each heat increases the chances of mammary tumors and pyometra, a deadly infection of the uterus.  But it is never too late to spay as risk can still be minimized.  Audrey's tumor removal was similar to a radical mastectomy.  The bruising is the result of invasive surgery to remove all of the tumor.  Only one tumor was removed for biopsy.  Audrey has several more tumors along the entire mammary chain.  Audrey is on pain medication and is doing well.  If you cannot afford to have your dog (or cat) spayed, please contact us.  We can direct you to nationwide resources for low cost spaying.  Alternatively, it is equally important to neuter male dogs to prevent tumors and cancers unneutered male dogs are at risk for.

While at the vet's office picking Audrey up after surgery, a client with an unspayed female poodle asked about Audrey.  We explained her surgery, why it was necessary, and that it would have been preventable had she been spayed at a young age.  The woman gasped, turned to the receptionist, and said, "I'd like the next spay appointment!"  PLEASE, do the same for your dog!