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October 9, 2006

Because of increasingly severe aggression, in agreement with two veterinarians, Tyler was humanely euthanized.

Tyler's Story:

Tyler was sitting in the shelter in deplorable condition. His overgrown hair formed a solid mat over his entire body. We took Tyler straight to the vet where he spent the night so he could be sedated and shaved down the next day. While Tyler was under anesthesia, he was also neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped and given rabies and distemper shots. In his overgrown state we thought he might be a bichon or poodle. Now that we have seen him "naked" it looks like he might have some shih tzu mixed in because of the shape of his front legs. He also has a long tail. He weighs 14 pounds.

Here is Tyler's story as it was told to us by the shelter we took him from. A man had Tyler as a puppy but found that he worked too many hours to care for a puppy so he gave him away, apparently to just anybody who offered. Fast forward three years... The man comes home from work one day to find Tyler tied to his front porch in a severly overgrown and matted condition. Because he still was not able to have a dog, he surrendered Tyler to the shelter. It is safe to say that the people who abandoned Tyler never had him groomed during the 3 years he lived with them. The original owner claims Tyler is now 3 1/2 years old.

During the brief time we spent with Tyler before leaving him with the vet, we found him to be a very friendly guy who wanted to meet and greet with everyone. Although we could see no facial expressions, we did see his tail happily wagging at all times. We also know he likes other dogs. Once he was shaved, his favorite thing to do was so sit next to his foster mom and have his ears and neck scratched - he could actually feel it for the first time in a long time and it felt heavenly to him! So far Tyler seems to be housetrained. We will tell you more about him once he is settled in his foster home.

Tyler before:

Tyler after: