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Don't worry, I know I am pretty horrid looking right now but that will all change in a couple of days. I will be getting the grooming/neuter combo and my foster mom promises she will put up better pictures once I have been all spiffed up. (I had my foster mom change the first picture so show my semi-groomed state. It's my foster mom's attempt at cleaning me up which is much, much better than before but just wait until you see what the professionals at Reigning Cats and Dogs in Westfield will transform me into!)

It really is a shame that just anyone can go buy a puppy, no questions asked. That is what happened to me when I was little. People buy high maintenance guys like me and don't realize what is involved. My previous people only had me to the groomer once in my life and I am 3 years old! I need to be professionally groomed ever 6-8 weeks! They did not feed me good food so I am very skinny but I am on a good diet now and I will gain weight in no time. I had also never been dewormed so now that it has been done, that should help also. I only weigh 15 pounds and I am told I should weigh about 20 pounds.

I used to go play with the neighbors dogs so I like dogs and get along well with the dogs in my foster home. I've never seen a cat, though. My foster mom said once I settle in and get cleaned up she will show me a cat to see how I react, so stay tuned...

Did I mention I am a friendly, lively, happy, fun-loving sort of guy?  I am housetrained and am very well behaved.  I know SIT and DOWN although I sometimes get the two confused :-)  And I am crate trained, too!  In fact, I like having a crate to go into for naps.  When my foster mom is gone, she baby gates me in the kitchen and leaves my crate door open so I can go in if I want.  That works very well for me and I am a very good boy when left alone

I do need to mention that not only was I very skinny when my foster mom took me, I was actually just skin and bones under all of that fur.  Now I have plenty of food and I get fed several times a day.  Because food is now plentiful, I have decided I don't like anybody touching my food while I eat because they might take it away.  My foster mom now holds my bowl when I eat so I can see that she is giving me food and not taking it.  That has been working well but potential adopters do need to know that I have some issues with food that either need to be worked with like my foster mom is doing, or when I am fed I just need to be left alone for a few minutes until I finish eating.

My people gave me up because they were moving to a place that does not allow dogs. Can my next home please be one that will take proper care of me and never leave me behind?