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June 26, 2007
Over a period of 24 hours, Lucy went downhill very rapidly.  She would no longer leave her bed and had to be carried out to the yard and back inside again.  She was telling us it was time so we took her to the vet where she very peacefully went to sleep for the last time in the arms of those who loved her.

About Lucy
UPDATE June 22, 2007:  Lucy went for her last walk.  She was a trooper and tagged along but the new tumor on her hind leg has become huge and it makes it difficult for her to walk any distance.  The pained expression on her face told us that was it for walking.  Where it once provided her with joy, it is now a challenge for her.  But she is still comfortable at home so she will continue on for whatever time she has left.   We know the end is near and it is not easy to think about but we will do what is best for Lucy.  

UPDATE May 13, 2007:  When Lucy had the lump on her head removed, the vet found three more lump on her legs
and removed those for biopsy also.  Unfortunately, all four tumor were found to be malignant.  The outlook for Lucy is very poor.  The cancer has spread to her lungs and she has been given about 4 months to live.  Lucy will remain in her foster home where she is currently very comfortable and happy for whatever time she has left.  We will not let her suffer.  We will allow her go peacefully when she starts feeling poorly.  In the meantime, we'll be sure she goes to her favorite place, the park, as often as possible.  It will be all about Lucy and doing the things she likes to do.

Lucy was found sitting on a street corner in the pouring rain.  She was not wearing a collar and had no microchip.  She went along willingly with the animal control officer and was taken to the shelter.  When we went to the shelter to take her picture, we found her to be such a sweet dog that we brought her into foster care.

She went to the vet for a checkup, shots, microchipping, heartworm test, bloodwork and to have a huge walnut-size lump on the top of her head looked at.  A needle aspirate of the lump showed it to be an epithelial tumor with necrosis (dead tissue).  It is believed to be benign but the recommendation is to have it removed and biopsied to be sure.  Not to mention, it will make her look much prettier and it will be easier to pet her without that big lump in the way.  So Lucy will have the lump removed on Thursday, May 10 and will have her teeth cleaned at the same time.  Otherwise, Lucy was found to be in good health and seems to already be spayed.  Her bloodwork looks good and she is heartworm negative.

Lucy is a very sweet girl with no issues that we have been able to find.  She is very well behaved and seems to understand what is expected of her.  She walks beautifully on a leash and rides very nicely in the car.

Lucy weighs 35 pounds and is about 7 years old.  She gets along great with other dogs and tested very well around cats.  She let our dog testing cat rub against her and sniff and wasn't bothered by it at all.  Lucy was beyond excellent during her bath.  She even lifted her paws one by one to have her legs washed.  We assumed early on that Lucy was housetrained.  When we saw her in the shelter, she had not been outside for 16 hours and had not soiled her kennel run.  In fact, everything was as neat as the animal control officer had left it the night before.  Indeed, she is meticulously housetrained and is very trustworthy in the house.  We have not found in necessary to crate her.