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July 25, 2007
While in his foster home we noticed Calvin was drinking water excessively so we took him to the vet for testing.  It was found that Calvin was in severe chronic kidney failure with no hope for recovery.  We believe that while roaming the parking lot at Home Depot, he most likely lapped up some antifreeze in a parking spot.  He was simply too young to have gone into kidney failure another way.  So we did the kindest thing we could do for Calvin and let him go to sleep forever before he had the chance to suffer the horrible death he would have experienced.  Please do not let your cats outdoors.  Keep them safe inside - their lives depend on it.

About Calvin
Calvin is one sweetheart of a cat.  He had been found wandering in a Home Depot parking lot.  He walked up to a Good Samaritan who picked him up and brought him to the shelter.  When we brought Calvin to a foster home to overnight pending his neuter surgery, we found him to be so sweet that we just could not bring ourselves to take him back to the shelter.  So in his foster home he will remain waiting for a new home.  Calvin has been neutered, microchipped, inculated, tested negative for feline AIDS and leukemia, is dewormed and has been treated with flea preventative.  He likes other cats