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About Betty:
Betty lived with an elderly person all her life. She is about 7 years old. When her person had to go into a nursing home, Betty was brought to the shelter. She didn't know why she was there. Betty was so well housetrained that she would not soil her kennel run unless she absolutely had to - she would try to wait hours and hours until a volunteer came to walk her then she would promptly do her business on leash as soon as she got outdoors. Betty became a favorite of our volunteers and is now in one of our foster homes where indeed, she is very well housetrained.

We took Betty into the cat room at the shelter to see how she is with cats. No matter how much we pleaded with her, she refused to show any interest in the kitties. We even had to put a kitten right up to her face and she could have cared less. But flies - beware! Betty will bring down a housefly in seconds flat.
Betty is a sweet girl who has been great with everyone she meets. She attends our adoption events where she has been very comfortable and charming around people of all ages.