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Update November 5, 2007:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how Cecils doing. Our first night was pretty good as you can see from the picture, he immediately made himself at home on the couch with me J. When we went to bed, it took a while for him to settle down (kept sneaking under the baby gate we need to lower it.again!), but he finally settled in his bed and stayed there until morning.
When I got out of the shower this morning he was running around with his squeaky deer while Olivia chased him Im not sure who was having more fun! Overall hes been a very good boy and were loving having him in our home (even the cats are tolerating him!).

Cecil's Story:

Hi! My name is Cecil. I am about 3 years old, weigh about 65 pounds, and I am a very good dog. I know this because I have had two foster moms and they both say so. Let me explain...

I lived with a family for three years and one day they decided they just didn't want me any more and took me to the shelter. Don't understand why because I don't do bad things. I'm a mellow kind of guy, pretty much a couch potato, although I will fling a toy or two around on occasion. As you can see in the attached video, I can sometimes have a really good time with the dog toys :-). (Sorry about the mess, foster mommy but I was having sooooo much fun.) And pick up my leash and I'll do the "Going for a Walk Happy Dance." I love walks and I'm pretty good in a leash. So, as I understand it, my execution day came and a lady from a rescue group took me just in time. I stayed with her for 3 weeks. She is friends with a lady from another rescue group and that lady had met me a few times and took a liking to me. Thought I would fit into her household perfectly. So to lighten the load for my first foster mom, who had saved a few more dogs "just in time" I went to stay at a foster home with Companion Critters. And yes, I did fit in beautifully. My new foster mom works from home and I don't bother her at all while she is working. I just hang out with her and the other dogs. I really like other dogs who just want to hang out. Not much into the young, wild and crazy types. There are some cats here, too, and you know what? I could really care less about them. They hiss at me because they don't know me yet but they will get over it because I don't bother them. There is a little baby kitten in a cage and I may give a little sniff her way but I basically ignore her. (Like right now she is hollering her fool head off wanting to bust out of her cage and I am on the floor right by her sound asleep.) Anyway, I missed my first foster mom terribly when she first dropped me off and I paced and whined for a bit. But I bonded with my new foster mom really quickly so that means I will bond quickly with my new permanent family, too. But I hope that my next family be my last family forever.