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Update:  On Tuesday, December 18, the piggies went to Have-A-Heart-Guinea Pig Rescue.  Thank you for taking them in!

Guinea Pigs from the hoarder's house formerly in foster care with Companion Critters, Inc.:

RUSTY - American Shorthair, male, 1.5 pounds     RESCUED!!!

 MOE - American Shorthair, male, 2.3 pounds   RESCUED!!!

NELLIE - Abyssinian, female     RESCUED!!!

 COUSIN IT - Peruvian, male, 2.5 pounds   RESCUED!!!

ABBY - Abyssinian, female, 1.7 pounds    RESCUED!!!

 FLOWER - Peruvian, female, 2.0 pounds   RESCUED!!!

TRIBBLE - Peruvian, male   RESCUED!!!