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UPDATE December 20, 2007:
        The birds got their names today:  The Bourkes are Sydney, Victoria, Darby and Lilly (all places in Australia); the English budgie is Spencer, and the parrotlets are Isabel and Azul.  Isabel climbed on my hand today and I took her out of the cage.  She never flew away, just sat and then went from one hand to another - I'm training her with the "up" word.  She was just adorable.  The others are still much more reluctant, but I'm working on it!

Birds from the hoarder's house in foster care with Companion Critters, Inc.:

Blue Female Parrotlet: (1)     ADOPTED 12/17/07!

Bourke's Parakeets: (4)   ADOPTED 12/17/07!

Budgie/English Parakeet: (1)      ADOPTED 12/17/07!

Pacific Parrotlet (green female): (1)     ADOPTED 12/17/07!