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Cody came to his foster home in a catatonic state.  He was terrified, planted his paws and would not budge.  He was one of 8 dogs surrendered by a backyard breeder who was breeding Bicha-Poos and thankfully decided to give it up.  The dogs were all in horrid, filthy, overgrown and matted condition.  And the dogs had most likely never been out of the home they were born in so going to a new place was terrifying for them.  But Cody never once acted aggressively from fear.  He simply would not move so he had to be carried.

That was really to our advantage because we had to immediately get the clippers out and strip his filthy, matted hair down.  He was so well behaved for the 2 hour ordeal.  Cody would even lift his legs for us so we could trim underneath and rolled over on his back for us to do his belly.  Having survived that and the bath, Cody decided this was not so bad after all, he felt much better, and started to show some life.  Within another hour Cody was running around with the resident dogs, showing interest in toys, and putting his paws on his foster mom's lap asking for attention.  He is a very affectionate boy, loves to be held and hugged.  He is used to living with other dogs and in fact, he seems to draw self-confidence from them so it will be important that Cody go to a home where there is another dog.

Cody was born July 28, 2006, so he is currently about 1 1/2 years old.  He weighs 19 pounds.  Cody is housetrained and crate trained.  We request applicants with no small children, please.  The activity of young children would be too much for this sensitive boy.  Cody has been vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative for heartworm.  He will be neutered prior to adoption.  He is a high maintenance breed that will require professional grooming every 6-8 weeks so please be prepared to incur that cost on a regular basis so he never gets into the awful condition he was in again.  And your groomer will love you because he is such a delightful customer to groom!