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Poor Hunter was brought to the shelter because the boyfriend was moving in and does not like cats.  Chances are, the boyfriend will come and go but Hunter would have always been there.  What a shame people don't think that far into the future.  Once people deposit their once beloved pet in the shelter, they don't see how that animal mourns the loss of the only home and people they have ever known.  Hunter was depressed and would not eat.  Eventually, he came to terms with his change of circumstance but obviously, he would much rather be in a home where he is loved rather than in a small cage at the shelter.  Hunter is now in a foster home because we felt so bad for him being in the shelter.  But because of the other animals in the foster home, he still needs to be caged most of the time, although in a much bigger kitty condo.  Still, a home where he is king would be ideal!  Since Hunter was an only cat in his former home, he would probably do best remaining an only cat.  Hunter is about 2 years old, has blue eyes, is neutered, microchipped, feline AIDS and leukemia negative, has been dewormed and has his rabies and distemper shots.  He is very friendly and loves attention.