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April 8, 2008
Justin's owner found out she was going to be able to keep her house so she asked if she could have Justin back.  We agreed to return Justin to her and she promises never to part from him again.

Justin is an 8-year-old neutered male Lhasa Apso. Small breeds can live well into their teens so we aren't ready to call Justin a senior guy yet. He was surrendered to the shelter because, according to his owner, she was getting divorced. When we saw Justin at the shelter he had only been there one day and he was not dealing well with his incarceration. He was crying and pacing and terribly upset at his change in circumstance. More mature dogs do not adapt well to shelter life having been in a home their entire lives. We brought him into foster care and he settled right in, happy to be back in a home environment.
Justin's previous owner did provide past medical records so we do know that Justin had veterinary care throughout his life and his vaccinations were maintained. Heartworm preventative seems sporadic but he will be tested to be sure he is negative and put back on heartworm prevention. We are confused about one thing - his tongue hangs out of the side of his mouth because teeth are missing. We can find no evidence in his records of previous dental work, although there was a mention of gingivitis and dental abnormalities in 2005. It may be that the dental disease that was not treated and became worse, resulting in loss of teeth but we will have this checked out by our veterinarian and will provide him with any necessary dental work prior to his adoption so he can live on with a happy mouth.
Justin never lived with children before so at this point in his life, going to a home with children would not be a good idea. Justin is fine with other dogs. He basically has very little interest in them and goes his own merry way. He can easily live with another age-appropriate dog that wouldn't be annoying to him (he is not a player with other dogs) or he is fine as an only dog. He shows indifference towards cats. As hard as we tried to get a reaction from him, he could have cared less about interacting with the kitties.