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FARRAH (now Sprite) WAS ADOPTED APRIL 26, 2008!

Update May 2, 2008:
 I just had to get back on before going to bed to let you know how MUCH I adore this little pipsqueak!  I have decided to call her Sprite and she has literally and totally "weaseled" her way into my heart.  She has SO much personality packed into that tiny body, she is continually surprising me by how much charm she has.  She also loves my shop kitty and the feeling is mutual...they play with each other for hours.  I just know one of these days I will find them curled up sleeping together!  I got her a plush-lined hanging sack which she loves, so I will return your kitty snuggler soon!  Thanks again for rescuing her...I really lucked out!

Farrah's Story:
Farrah Ferret Fawcett (Farrah for short) was left at a shelter by her owners who claimed the son is allergic.  Her housing accommodations were inadequate so we had to remedy that immediately by buying her a new, larger, proper ferret cage.  The guinea pig cage she lived in had no levels for her to climb, no tubes, slides or ladders to provide her with activities.  She now has all of that and is learning what to do with everything.  The first thing she did when placed in her new cage is bat her toy ball around.  She most likely never had toys to play with before.  Farah also did not have a litter box in her old cage so we put one in her new cage and she uses it.  Farrah is 2 years old.  We will have her checked by a veterinarian, get her shots, confirm she is spayed (she has an ear tattoo which we think indicates she is) and provide her with a much needed manicure and pedicure.  She will surely be able to navigate around her new cage much better once her incredibly overgrown nails are trimmed.