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Mac was found running on Caldwell Avenue in Union, NJ. He is neutered, recently groomed and we guess him to be about 10 years old. Senior dogs do not do well in shelters and when Mac was obviously very well housetrained and was "holding it" for a good 16 hours overnight, the shelter agreed to let us put him in a foster home for the duration his stray hold. Nobody has been looking for him and his stray hold has passed so Mac is available for adoption.

Mac is a darling little dog. He always wags his tail. We think he is about 10 years old. He's a great companion who just wants to hang out and snuggle in laps. There was no making him sleep in a crate at night after his shelter ordeal. He cried so pitifully it broke our hearts, so he sleeps happily in his foster mom's bed, perched on top of the two stacked pillow shams. He will, however, go into an open crate to nap during the day. He is left baby gated in a room when home alone and does fine. He gets along great with other dogs but is not interactive with them. Playing and running wild is not his style, although he will on occasion get the "zoomies" where he wants you to chase him around, let him chase you, grab a toy and "kill it"... The old guy still has some spunk. He sometimes becomes annoyed with the much younger foster dog when he tries to engage Mac in rough and tumble play, but there is never any aggression. Mac just cries for his foster mom to come and put the young punk in a time-out! The older, larger dogs in the foster home ignore Mac and Mac ignores them. We have let Mac interact with the three 5-week-old foster kittens and he is awesome with them, so kind and gentle with the babies. He has also been quite the gentleman around adult cats.

Mac went to the vet for a checkup, shots and bloodwork.  His heart sounds very good, there are no signs of arthritis, but his teeth are horrid. His molars are actually green and roots are exposed, hence his really, really bad breath. No wonder he was flinching when we tried to clean the tear stains from his eyes, it hurt his mouth. He wenr for dental work on Tuesday, June 10, had his teeth cleaned and two extractions.  He feels so much better now. It is amazing how dogs perk up once their mouths no longer hurt. Mac has also been microchipped so he never ever has to spend another night in a shelter again.