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DAPHNE (now Coconut, or Coco for short) WAS ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 18, 2008!

When a man brought Daphne to the shelter, they were not able to accept her because he did not live in the town covered by that shelter.  The man was told which shelter to go to and he left.  The shelter staff later found Daphne tied to the fence so the man had ditched Daphne there anyway.   We think Daphne might be a whoodle (wheaten terrier/poodle mix) and she currently weighs 9.8 pounds at 5 1/2 - 6 months of age.  We estimate she should be about 20 pounds fully grown.  Daphne has very long legs so unless her legs stop growing and her body catches up, she will be a tall dog for her weight.  Please note:  We are guessing at the breed mix and make no guarantees she actually has any wheaten terrier in her.  The "designer" breed poodle mixes are very hard to accurately identify.  She is a very sweet and playful puppy and is having a blast in her foster home where there are tons of toys to play with.   Daphne loves to snuggle in laps and she will fall sound asleep draped across you while watching television at night.  The resident dogs aren't much into puppy antics but Lexi, the other foster dog, has stepped up to the plate and plays very nicely with Daphne.  Daphe has been around dog-friendly cats and behaved well` .  These cats don't run from dogs but if a cat were to run from her, it probably wouldn't be beneath her to chase.  Daphne is doing well with crate training - just a little whimpering initially - but slept quietly in her crate through the night on her first night in foster care and continues to sleep through the night with no more initial whimpering.  She does need reinforcement with housetraining but has a pretty good concept of what is involved.  Daphne had obviously never been groomed before.  She was completely overgrown and matted.  She has now been professionally groomed compliments of Reigning Cats and Dogs Salon in Westfield, NJ.  Daphne is a breed that requires professional grooming every 6-8 weeks so this is an expense you will need to be prepared for on a regular basis.

Daphne at the shelter:

Daphne after the "unprofessional" grooming job to rid her of mats and be able to bathe her so she could go to a foster home.  (To be professionally groomed 9/7/08)


Pictures of Whoodles (Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mix)