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UPDATE February 9, 2009
Just wanted to drop you some pix of Rupert! I can't begin to thank you enough for bringing this amazing blessing into our lives! He is truly is amazing and full of so much love!  He and Dexter are now best of friends and snuggle up together everywhere, just like I hope they would. I had a bit of that territorial combat between them the first week but after that and a lot of it was smooth sailing, just a common adjustment period for both I think.
Rupert gets to go for daily walks everyday and I take them to a dog park, where your dog gets to run and play in a wide open football field size space, it is Rupert favorite place to go! He is truly happy I feel and makes us all happy too! He has a beautiful gentle loving spirit about him and is stuck like glue to my side! I wonder if that is from being abandoned~ He is truly such a dear sweetie~
Here are some pix Rupert and Dexter this past Christmas, he helped the kids open presents too! LOL


Rupert's Story:

Rupert is almost 10 years old (*see below) and weighs 24 pounds. He is a little on the tubby side so couldn't hurt for him to drop a pound or two. The landlord brought him to the shelter after a tenant moved out and left him behind. He's a very sweet boy. In fact, we took him from the shelter, straight to the vet for shots and his heartworm test, then straight to the groomer for a much needed makeover. He handled the whirlwind of activity very well.

Rupert's teeth need cleaning - his molars are quite disgusting. And he needs to have a cyst removed from his eye. He is scheduled to have that done on December 11 so if he is adopted prior to that time, the adopters would need to agree to bring him back to our vet to have those things done. There is no additional charge - anything the dogs need to bring them up to par is already included in the adoption fee.
We should give Rupert's previous owners points for having him neutered. And for teaching him "SIT" and "GIVE PAW", which he does adorably well. But abandoning him like that is inexcusable. As is not having him properly groomed and not keeping his health needs attended to. (The pictures below show Rupert overgrown and matted before his grooming.) Rupert's coat is stained and as hard as the groomer tried, the staining will not come out so it will have to grow out. His legs were terribly matted and the compacted hair between the pads of his paws resembled stones. He feels so much better now, compliments of Reigning Cats and Dogs Salon in Westfield, NJ. His eye is being treated with antibiotic drops, which he tolerates very well, until the vet can remove the cyst.

Rupert gets along well with other dogs and can be quite playful with them. However if they get too rough with him, Rupert will let them know. He loves playing with toys and can often be found in his bed chomping on a stuffed toy.

* Rupert's age: We had initially guessed Rupert to be 3-4 years old but it turns out he is much older than we thought so he is in good shape for his age. He is still quite playful and spunky and has absolutely no signs of cataracts in his eyes, which would be expected in a dog his age. We discovered he has a microchip which was never registered, so we tracked down his history to get a birth date. He was born in a puppy mill in Pennsylvania and sold to a pet store in New York. He was purchased from that store but we have no way of knowing if it was the original owner who still had him and abandoned him. The pet store shows his date of birth as February 20, 1999, so Rupert will be 10 years old this February.

Rupert before grooming: