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Hunter was adopted June 2001 at the age of 5 and had 8 wonderful years with a great family.

Sad to say but Hunter, who we adopted from you on June 16, 2001, passed away on November 20, 2008.  He had been a diabetic for the last few years, we had to find a way to keep him from opening the refrigerator, we put a hook and eye and bungee cord on it.  He had surgery for a cancerous mole on his face last year, but last Wednesday he wouldn't eat, was breathing very heavily and he would take one or two steps and collapse.  I carried him to Iselin Veterinary Hospital where they put him on IV and the x-rays showed 2 tumors, one in his lungs and one in his abdomen.  He really was only sick for a day.  He was so sweet and would follow me around the house, even if just to sleep at my feet.  My 83 year old mother had just moved in and he took to her very well, she would brush him for long periods of time.  Neighbors would comment on the statue in our bay window, it was Hunter sitting watching the world, and later on in life he would often sleep there.  One of his favorite places to go was Merrill Park, where he would look at the animals in their mini zoo.  He loved going to the vet and being around other animals, and was friendly to all, animal and human.  I've been crying every day, and I know I will never meet another dog like him.  My daughter Lauren and I will miss him greatly.  She was 10 when he was adopted and is now 18.  He almost made to his 13th birthday.
I've also attached some of our favorite pictures of him.