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UPDATE July 6, 2009
Just a quick note. Things are working out very well. Sophie (aka Pumpkin, we are going to try changing her name, we'll see a few months from now how successful we are 8^) ) is doing well. She is the most personable, people friendly dog I think I have ever met, and that seems to be the consensus among everyone we have introduced her to. She had never met my younger son, 20 years old, not a kid, and she wagged her tail and acted like she'd been waiting all day for him to come home. It was funny.

And she does like to eat. I bet getting her slimmed down and maintaining her weight will be a challenge for us moving forward. I'm sure we haven't seen all sides of Sophie, but I just can't imagine why anyone would abandon her, and not want her back. It's unfathomable.

Pumpkin had been found running the streets as a stray and was picked up by animal control.  She did have a rabies tag on so the shelter staff obtained the owner's information and left them a message.  Pumpkin's owners called the next day to inform the shelter that they did not want Pumpkin back.  They said their fence fell and they weren't spending money on fixing it.  Turns out that's not all they weren't spending money on.  Once Pumpkin came to us in foster care, we immediately noticed she was urinating blood - incessantly.  Her bladder was loaded with struvite stones.  She has had surgery to have the stones removed and is now feeling a whole lot better.  We can't believe how sweet Pumpkin is in spite of the pain she must have been in.

The third picture was taken when Pumpkin came out of the shelter, just before we trimmed around her eyes so she could see us.  Pumpkin was so patient and well behaved while we soaked months of rock solid eye discharge to sufficiently loosen it so it could be removed.  Her eyes must feel so much better now.  Somebody obviously had not been taking proper care of her.  Pumpkin has now been professionally groomed and she is the type of dog that will require the expense of ongoing, regular professional grooming.

Pumpkin is one terrific ambassador for homeless animals.  She can be put into any public situation and she will eagerly meet and greet with everyone.  You don't have to approach her slowly or let her sniff your hand first.  She is not big on formalities.  Just jump on in and let the schmoozing begin.  See some of our functions Pumpkin has attended:

Gift Wrapping Fundraiser at Barnes & Noble

L'Oreal's Health and Safety Day

Pumpkin is around 4 years old and weighs 20 pounds.  She will need to be kept strictly on a special diet, encouraged to drink water frequently and be allowed outdoors very often throughout the day to keep her bladder flushed in an attempt to prevent future formation of bladder stones.

Pumpkin is spayed, microchipped, up to date on rabies, distemper and bordatella shots, and is heartworm negative.  Pumpkin loves to snuggle or sit on laps.  

 Visiting at adoption day.  (Pumpkin eagerly visits with EVERYONE!)

Check out those gorgeous eyelashes after a professional grooming job!  

 Not feeling so well the evening after having surgery.

 The day after surgery and feeling MUCH better!

If interested in adopting, please complete an submit and adoption application!