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UPDATE July 7, 2009
Just wanted to let you know Casey is settling in REALLY well.  We set him up in our dining room with a big litter box, all his toys, food, water, and his own big bay window.  We put two baby gates on top of each other in the door way, and the cats could all see through it.  There was a little hissing the first day or two.  By yesterday they were sniffing each other through the gates.  Today Mike and I were home from work, so we decided to take the gates down to see how they would do.  There was no fighting, no chasing, and very minimal hissing--- mostly just sniffing and curiosity.  I'm shocked at how well it's going.  We've been letting him out for a couple hours at a time, and he is getting along SO well with our other male cat.  They've been sniffing each other and licking each others faces.  Our female cat has been a little slow to warm up to Casey and has mainly been avoiding him, but it seems to be okay because he ignores her too.  We will send you some pictures of him with his new brother and sister when we get some good ones.  

Casey is a very handsome longhaired, front declawed kitty. He is about 2 1/2 years old and lived with another cat previously. Casey is playful, very affectionate and loves attention. Casey has been neutered, microchipped, has rabies and distemper vaccinations that are good for 3 years, and has tested negative for feline AIDS and leukemia.


Casey LOVES playing with his "Plague Rat":

and the "Turbo Track":