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Hi.  My name is Tuxedo Tony, or just plain old Tony for short.  I am a very suave and debonair kind of guy.  I will just charm the socks right off of you!  I come running when called and just purr and rub and am always so happy to see people.
One day I was out roaming around when I saw this interesting box with some cat food in it.  I checked the angle of the sun and realizing it was about snack time, I proceeded to enter the box to have a bite.  WHAM!  A door slammed shut and I was trapped!  Oh no!  I couldn't get out!  Well, if that didn't put a damper on my day!
So I was then whisked off to the Linden Animal Control Shelter and put in a cage.  Oh, the indignity of it all!  But I wasn't too terribly concerned.  After all, my charm and wit would get me out of this predicament.  Sure enough.  Here comes a lady to look at the cats and I just purred and rubbed against the bars of my cage and the next thing you know I am in a carrier and in her car.  Didn't I tell you I could pull this off?  I was taken to a veterinarian where I got shots and had blood taken to be sure I was leukemia and AIDS negative.  Having been an outdoor cat, it's good to know I don't have that.  And seeing that from this point on I will be an indoor cat, I won't have to worry about getting those diseases any more.  I had some of those nasty fleas on me so I had Frontline put on me immediately and those little blood suckers are now history!  You know what is best of all?  I am already neutered and the vet says I am healthy so I am ready to just step into your household and become your favorite cat!