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Poor Bunny was found in a graveyard last November, nothing but skin and bones, with a litter of 12 puppies.  The humane society took Bunny in and let her raise the pups.  One of the pups was handicapped and Bunny would help him through the doggie door so he could get to the outside kennel run.  Then Bunny's pups all grew up leaving her behind in the shelter.  There she became a favorite of the staff.  But she was still taking up a spot that another dog could have filled.  So we have taken Bunny into one of our foster homes so that she may at long last find the loving home she so deserves and so another dog may take her place at the shelter until we have room for more.  Bunny is a very sweet and quiet dog who will lay her head in your lap at ever opportunity.  She loves to play with tennis balls and stuffed toys, will fling them in the air and retrieve them when they are thrown.  She was very cooperative with her bath and gets along very well the other dogs and cats in the foster home.  She adores children and loves the attention they lavish upon her.  We estimate Bunny to be about 4-5 years old and she appears to be a collie/yellow lab mix.  She is about 10 pounds overweight from all of the good care she received while in the shelter so she has started an exercise and weight loss program.  Despite her long kennel stay, Bunny has not forgotten her housebreaking!