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Edgar's Story:
Edgar was found wandering the streets of Elizabeth.  A kind lady picked him up and took him home.  Unfortunately, her mother was not willing to extend her hospitality to Edgar and told her daughter that if she couldn't find a place for him by that night, she would have to throw him back out in the streets.  
We were able to secure a place at the dog pound for Edgar for that night to give us some time to find a foster home.
Because this was urgent, Edgar was put into foster care in the home of someone who had newly volunteered with our group - someone we really didn't know, but there were no other options.  This volunteer had made an appointment, at our request, to take Edgar to the vet for his heartworm test.  Because she stated she was unable to keep Edgar over weekend, she was to have dropped him off at another volunteer's house after his vet appointment.  This renegade volunteer never showed up for Edgar's vet appointment and never dropped Edgar off at the other volunteer's home.  Our many phone calls went unanswered.   We frantically searched for Edgar for over 36 hours and finally one of our members caught this person at home and went in and confiscated Edgar.  He was then back in our possession and needless to say, we will no longer be needing the help of that volunteer!
Edgar was then put in another foster home.  After a couple of days, he was adopted out to a family.  After 5 days they called to return him.  They just didn't realize what all was involved in having a dog and although they said Edgar was an excellent little dog, they felt they were not ready to make the commitment.  So Edgar came back to this foster home.
Edgar was then was at the vet to be neutered and again adopted out to another  family.
Have you followed along so far?  Edgar lived in 7 different places, not counting the vet's office to be neutered, in just 2 weeks.  OK, so if you can't follow along here, how do you think Edgar feels?  The poor guy just cannot figure out if he is coming or going.  He was so stressed in his most recent home that he began to growl.  He never bit anyone but he was afraid and he growled, so back he came again.  This family said that Edgar was an excellent dog, totally housebroken, playful, knows a few commands, but they were afraid of the growling because they previously had a dog that had become vicious.  Edgar is back in a different foster home where he has not growled at all.  We wanted to put him into another new situation to evaluate how he would deal with yet another change and he has handled it very well.  It would be in his best interest, however, to move him into a permanent home as soon as possible so he adjusts to that home and not his foster home.
We would like to place Edgar in a very quiet adult only home where he can have the time he needs to settle in and become adjusted without any expectations or demands on him in the beginning.  This means, you should not expect him to immediately feel comfortable being a part of your family but that you would be willing to give him quiet time to adjust and let him come to you when he is ready to become an active participant.  If Edgar is permitted to settle in quietly and take his time to adjust, he will realize that he is finally in a forever home and will be the loyal companion you want to have.  The little guy has been through so much.  All he is asking for is a permanent home where he can feel safe and loved.