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These are pictures before I was groomed:



July, 2001:
Okay, no, I usually don't dress  Brie in T-shirts.  This photo is for a friend's web page where all the dogs wear the same "Cyber Dog" shirt.  I just thought you might like to see how she is doing.  Notice the big smile and her girlish figure.   :-) We have been working hard on the girlish figure part...
We have made it back from the big adventure on the farm in Kansas. Brie's job was to go to the senior center as a regular visitor. I think as much as she liked the attention, she really enjoys being back at her own house now.

Brielle's First Month:
Brielle is snoozing in her crate now. She got her crate the second week that she was here. I wasn't sure she would like having one, but all doubt was taken away when she danced around the crate while I was assembling the thing and then tried to hop into it before I even got it built.  She has an open door policy, and keeps an eye out for anything important happening in her house.

Brie has been getting her share of car rides. On the weekends we take her up north to a BBQ place where she can be with us. Doggies allowed.  :-)     Of course we can't consume BBQ all the time-- so we found a drive-in that does car hop service here. After all, Brie is part of the family.

My "no people" food rule has faltered these past few weeks. I am doing fine with it, but I found my father feeding her Cheetos, Sun Chips and Danish Blue cheese on Wasa more than once.   Even with this, Brie has lost one pound. I have been taking her to the beach for short walks to help her gain a little more mobility. She is doing great. And every so often she bounces around at home playfully.

Brie went in for her second vet visit this week. On her last visit the vet found a tiny start of a cataract on her brown eye, but it is only under a "watch" for now and he doesn't think it will be a problem for quite a while.  Her hair and skin tone has improved during this month. She was tested for Cushings and the results came out fine. The ears are slowly getting better.  She got an A+ on this check up. She is one happy dog!

I hear some stirring in the other room. I think someone is awake and ready for a car ride.

BRIE'S FIRST WEEK,  by Brielle
So far it's been pretty nice here. There's a bed in every room for me! My humans take me for lots of car rides.  I've gone shopping at pet stores for goodies, and I met other dogs.  In fact, I got to go to an Adopt-A-Dog show on Sunday.  Just had to let the other dogs know there's hope for a finding a new home.  And my new vet is nice. I met him this past Monday.

I visit my grandparents during the week. I made a big impression when I snuggled up to grandpa while he was sitting on the sofa ... he caught me trying to steal doggie cookies out of his pocket. He thinks I am so clever.

I almost have my new humans wrapped around my little paw!  But no matter how I try -- Mom says no people food!  I think she loves me.

Time for a nap,
Brielle's First Day:
Brielle is doing fabulously. I took her up to my parent's house today and they fell in love with her.  She has been so happy.... and hungry.      I have fed her 1/2 a can of Mighty Dog and mixed it with the Pro-Plan. She wolfed it down!  Tonight when I was making supper, she crawled into the fridge when I had it open.  Both of us love her. It's hard not to.  :-)        She has made herself right at home.

Her tail is up and she's checking everything out!

You know what I think happened to me?  I belonged to someone all my life, all 6-8 years of it (not really sure how old I am) and then one day I developed "female" problems.  I started bleeding heavily and because nobody wanted to deal with fixing my problem, I was dumped in the street.  It was a rainy, drizzly day.  I couldn't walk, much less run, I was in pain.  So no matter what anyone says, I did not run away from home - I just wasn't able to.  Animal control came by and picked me up and put me in a dog house at the animal control annex.  One of the volunteers came by to walk the dogs in the inside crates.  Here I was, laying in the dog house, unable to move, and she didn't even see me.  At long last she noticed my hind paw that I left sticking out of the dog house - did that on purpose, you know.  She thought I was dead at first but I was just having trouble moving.  The volunteer scooped me up and rushed me to her house to give me a much needed bath.  I was really smelly - couldn't even stand it myself.  While she was bathing me, she notice all of the blood running down the drain and immediately wrapped me up in a towel and took me to see a doctor.  The doctor didn't know what was wrong but said I needed to be spayed ASAP.  During the surgery it was discovered I had pyometra - an infection of the uterus which sometimes happens when dogs are not spayed.  It could have killed me!  But I was saved in the nick of time.  I now have my stitches out, am healthy as can be, and spent the day at the beauty shop getting my hair done.  It's kind of hard to see the bows in my hair because I kept looking up at the camera to smile!  I am a happy girl now.  I love laying on a blanket in the kitchen.  I am very OK with the other dogs and cats in the house.  I am also housebroken.  Oh, and now I can once again walk and when I set my mind to it, even break into a little trot!  I love everyone and everything and even though sometimes during my illness and recovery people did things to me that did not feel good, I never got angry with them or showed any kind of reaction.  I am just a sweet, good-natured girl!